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Meeting on the Evaluation of Social Cash Transfer Schemes in Africa

September 2009, Washington, DC

The purpose of the Meeting on the Evaluation of Cash Transfer Schemes in Africa was to review existing cash transfer schemes and evaluations and begin the conversation on 1) how to improve the rigor of these evaluations and 2) better connect evaluation results to policymakers and donor agencies to assist in evidence-based decision-making on social protection policies.

Countries throughout Africa are experimenting with cash schemes or committing to a national scale up. As programs proliferate, it is essential to review the schemes' evaluations to ensure that evaluators are asking the right questions and presenting data in the most 'consumable' manner. While high quality programming is necessary globally, the dearth of existing social protection strategies and the burden of poverty in many African countries makes it all the more necessary for resources be used in the most effective manner to reduce poverty and improve human development.

The specific constraints to implementation and evaluation throughout Africa, such as weak institutions and a chronic lack of resources, make it essential for evaluators and policymakers to openly communicate about the design and components of schemes, impacts, unanticipated consequences, and delivery mechanisms. The Evaluation Meeting, hosted by the Center for Global Health and Development at Boston University and supported by USAID, was an effort to bring together donor agency representatives, policymakers and evaluators engaged in the implementation and evaluation of cash transfer schemes.

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Mozambique: Report not available as of September 09

Tanzania: Report not available as of September 09

South Africa: Report not available as of September 09


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